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I Am An Oncologist

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) was founded more than 40 years ago by a small group of physicians advocating for increased availability of clinical trials in the community setting and delivery of state-of-the art cancer care for patients close to home.  

Today, in all care settings ACCC-member oncologists, joined by their multidisciplinary team colleagues, inform and engage in ACCC education and advocacy initiatives. We're pleased to provide curated ACCC resources for and/or by oncologists.

Featured Oncologist Programs

E-Learning: Immuno-Oncology Management for the Practicing Oncologist
Examine the oncologists’ role in selecting, delivering, and monitoring immuno-oncologic agents, with an emphasis on disease diagnosis and treatment planning, identifying and managing adverse events, and recognizing responses to immunotherapy, among other topics.
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Immunotherapy Webinar Series
This three-part webinar series focuses on topics critical to effective delivery of immunotherapy and coordinated, patient-centered care.

  • "Testing" the Relationship Between Pathologists, Surgeons, and Oncologists
  • Who's on Your Toxicity Team?
  • June 2018: Planning for Survivorship When I-O Treatment Ends
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Optimizing Electronic Health Records
Read results from ACCC's education initiative, including case studies.
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From Oncology Issues

  • Improving Care of Advanced Cancer Patients with a Dedicated Palliative Radiotherapy Team
    By Kavita Dharmarajan, MD, MSc
    Due to radiation oncology’s focus on disease, palliative radiation therapy often involves lengthier courses than necessary and extended wait times, posing financial and logistical challenges for patients. Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Radiation Oncology and the Tisch Cancer Institute established a specialized service model to increase the use of short-course radiation treatments, reduce the lengths of hospital stay, and improve access to palliative care services.
  •  Preparing for Value-Based Cancer Care in a Multisite Integrated Healthcare System
    James L. Weese, MD, FACS; Levi Y. Citrin, JD; Corey J. Shamah, MD; Marija Bjegovich-Weidman, RN, MSN, OCN CCAP; Kerry A. Twite, RN, MSN, AOCNS; and Federico A. Sanchez, MD
    Multi-site, integrated health care systems have a unique opportunity to provide patient-centered care on a large scale. Discover how Aurora Cancer Care improved their quality of care through subspecialization, consistent care processes, and more.
  •  ACCESS: The First Step Toward Analyzing Precision Medicine Data
    Jonathan Trent, MD, PhD
    Before we can precisely characterize a disease, prescribe targeted medicine, and track therapy progress, we need to find a better way to order tests, store results, and share information. Read how Sylvester Cancer Center in Miami did just that by integrating precision medicine data into its electronic health record (EHR).
  •  Virtual Molecular Tumor Boards
    The ACCC education project, “Virtual Molecular Tumor Boards,” examines how innovative formats can help ensure that communication and quality patient care standards are maintained across cancer programs.
  •  Best of ASCO 2017
    Cary A. Presant, MD, FACP, FASCO
    ASCO 2017 was filled with new information and long lines as 39,000 oncologists worldwide came together to hear the latest advances in cancer care.

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