Immuno-Oncology Fundamentals eLearning Modules

Pivotal Education for the Cancer Immunotherapy Team

Improve your knowledge of the rapidly developing field of cancer immunotherapies and keep up-to-date with effective practice solutions.

This on-demand eLearning program—available at no cost—provides access to a wide variety of topics through skill-building lectures, pre- and post-assessments, and enrichment opportunities.

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Each module topic provides up to 30 minutes of engaging content:

Immuno-Oncology 101. Delve into the principles of how immunotherapy fights numerous cancer types, how it differs from traditional chemotherapy, and its impact on the cancer treatment landscape. 

Cancer Immunotherapies and the Evolving Role of Biomarkers. Review the field of cancer immunotherapies and the role that biomarkers may play in patient selection and predicting treatment response. Explore the different classes of IO agents and the clinical application of biomarker testing and interpretation.

Managing Immune-Related Adverse Events. Discover how to best identify immune-related adverse events (irAEs), understand how they differ from chemotherapy-related side effects, and learn about published guidelines for the management of irAEs.

Role-Specific Considerations for Cancer Care Team Members. In delivering treatment with immunotherapies for cancer, each cancer team member—medical oncologist, pharmacist, pharmacy administrator, nurse navigator—plays an integral role. These modules explore how each role contributes to coordinated patient care as programs continue to expand use of cancer immunotherapies across multiple tumor types.  Choose content specific to your role or watch the entire series.

Effective Care Coordination Practices. Care coordination needs for patients treated with immunotherapy differ from those of patients receiving traditional chemotherapy. Gain a better understanding of effective practices in ensure well-coordinated care, and learn specific ways to improve operational effectiveness and optimize your IO program.

Select only the module topics that meet your professional needs. Easy access anytime, anywhere—learn at your own pace from any desktop or mobile device.

Who Should Enroll?

Oncologists, oncology nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients eligible for cancer immunotherapies.
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If you are experiencing a technical problem with a specific module or having issues accessing the modules, please contact us at resources@accc-cancer.org.

Course content last reviewed August 2018.