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Smithsonian American Art Museum

A national landmark itself, the Smithsonian American Art Museum is home to one of the largest and most inclusive American art collections in the world. Explore the nation’s first collection of American art and the unrivaled record of the American experience from the colonial period to today.

Distance from hotel: 0.3 mi

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Ford’s Theatre Museum

This working theatre, historical monument, and world-class museum is the premier destination where you can travel back in time and see what life was like during Lincoln’s presidency. Located across the street from the Petersen House where Lincoln died, this historic site will immerse you in America’s past, Lincoln’s legacy, and the conspiracy behind Lincoln’s assassination.

Distance from hotel: 0.4 mi

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The National Archives Museum

Located just north of the National Mall, this museum holds original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Navigate your way around the many exhibits rich in American artifacts and historical documents including the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, the Emancipation Proclamation, and more.

Distance from hotel: 0.6 mi

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Step behind the camera lens and discover the evolution of print and electronic communication. Considered one of the most interactive museums in the world, the Newseum features seven levels of exhibits; including the most memorable 9/11 exhibit and eight of the largest concrete sections of the Berlin Wall.

Distance from hotel: 0.7 mi

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National Museum of African American History and Culture

Sitting proudly on the National Mall, this unique architecture boasts more than 36,000 artifacts dedicated to the documentation of African American life. Revel in the history of African American culture in the newest museum of the Smithsonian Institution.

Distance from hotel: 0.9 mi


The National Mall

A popular attraction among tourists and locals, pay homage to America’s forefathers and heroes with a visit to the National Mall. This national park is home to one of the largest reflecting pools in Washington, D.C., and offers something for everyone with its surrounding world-class museums, memorials, and monuments.

Distance from hotel: 0.9 mi


United States Botanic Garden

One of the oldest botanic gardens in America, this living plant museum educates and inspires with its almost 10,000 living specimens. Visitors will be amazed by the rich history and irreplaceable value of the flora and fauna as they explore the many wonders on the U.S. Botanic Garden’s campus including the Conservatory, National Garden, and Bartholdi Park.

Distance from hotel: 1.3 mi


Tidal Basin

Known for its mesmerizing beauty, the Tidal Basin is home to some of the city’s most famous historic sites, including the Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials. Garnering hundreds of visitors each year, this magnificent man-made reservoir brims with history, art, and hundreds of cherry trees.

Distance from hotel: 1.7 mi


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