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Conference Presentation

If selected as a 2020 Innovator Award winner, you agree to participate in the awards recognition ceremony and to present your innovation in a 45-minute session at the ACCC 37th National Oncology Conference in October 2019, in Denver, CO on October 14-16, 2020. If your presentation is scheduled for the day after the awards ceremony, then you agree to attend and participate on both days.

Full conference registration, airfare (or equivalent mode of transportation), up to two nights of hotel, and local expenses will be paid for the Innovator Award winner.

By submitting this application, you agree that all materials associated with your innovation may be reproduced, videotaped, and/or disseminated by ACCC or any ACCC designee.

Applicants that are not selected as an Innovator Award winner may be invited to present a session at this conference or a future meeting.

Reimbursement for Conference Presentation:

ACCC will reimburse reasonable costs that are incurred for the following expenses relating to this conference.

  • Lead Presenter:
    • Complimentary registration to the  National Oncology Conference
    • Round-trip coach (or least expensive) airfare, up to $550. Arrangements must be booked through ACCC’s travel company
    • One-night lodging (single/double occupancy). If your presentation is scheduled for the day after the awards ceremony, you will receive complimentary hotel accommodations for the second night.
    • Transportation to and from the conference venue
    • Parking at hotel (for local travelers only)
  • Second Presenter (subject to ACCC approval):
    • Complimentary National Oncology Conference registration

Reimbursement Requirements:

  • All expenses must be submitted on ACCC Travel Reimbursement Report.
  • Receipts must be stapled, or emailed with, the ACCC Travel Reimbursement Report.
  • Receipts are required for all expenses over $5.00.
  • Extraordinary expenditures must be approved beforehand and explained in writing.
  • All reports must be submitted by November 27, 2020, to receive reimbursement.
All payments will be issued to the individual at the address listed on the report unless otherwise noted; any discrepancies are to be discussed immediately.